Yes, developers have ample opportunity to play with iOS 7, but what about the rest of the impatient masses? Well, you could snag the beta anyway and risk glitching (or worse — bricking) your iPhone, or you can play it safe and test drive it right in your Web browser.

9to5Mac stumbled upon an online browser-based iOS 7 demo created by consumer electronics site Recombu. The site loaded up the software on its own server, so there's no risk to your own handset. Of course, it's not exactly an authentic experience, but at least it gives you a closer look at the interface and core apps. 

There's also a little bonus for Firefox and Chrome users — you can actually use the camera app to snap photos via your webcam. Neat, huh? Apparently others thought so too. Looks like the website is getting hammered by traffic, so if you can't get in right now, save the URL and try again a little later or at an odd hour.