Ever since filming for Captain America: Civil War wrapped up, things have been pretty quiet in the Marvel universe. However, it looks like some promotional art for the film has leaked out, and while it doesn’t give us much, we do get a very good glimpse at Ant-Man’s new suit, which looks less like a motorcycle suit and more armor-like than ever.

Working from the top down, Ant-Man’s helmet no longer has red stripes on the forehead, while the jawline converges into a single mouthpiece; the old one had a few different vent-like circles where the mouth is. Meanwhile, there is more armor over the shoulders and over the chest, while the bracers have been redesigned as well.

There’s no belt either, and the legs feature a bit more red to kind of balance out the look. The changes are subtle, but reflect Ant-Man’s stature as a superhero and his evolving role within the greater Marvel Cinematic Universe. We already know he’s going to show up in Civil War, but it’s unclear just how big his role will be.

Check out the image above (along with the other concept art) to see what’s changed, and compare it for yourself next to images from the Ant-Man movie. And before we go, it also appears as though Iron Man will indeed wear his Bleeding Edge armor in Civil War, which has been hinted at in earlier set photos.

Update: Well looks like Ant-Man is going to be a lot more important to the Marvel Cinematic Universe than we initially thought. Marvel just announced a complete reshuffle of Phase 3, with Ant-Man and the Wasp coming in 2018. Oh, Marvel also said there are three new untitled movies coming in 2020. Who said a comic book movie burnout is coming?