Time for some quick catch up, for those that haven’t heard of Naughty Dog’s next game just yet. The Last of Us was teased in Uncharted 3 with an easter egg, then it was revealed with a full length trailer. It’s a game about survival, and, because it’s Naughty Dog, this one’s a game about characters and relationships.

We don’t know too much about the story of this title just yet. We do know, however, that Joel and Ellie, the two main characters, survived some type of infection that’s left the world in dire peril. They trek across the United States in order to stay alive.

In the gallery below, we have 14 screenshots of The Last of Us. Some of them are old, some of them are knew. They are all in-game shots from a preview build being shown to press outlets by Naughty Dog.

The Last of Us is a PlayStation 3 exclusive title. While the game does not have an official release date, we expect it will either ship this fall or early next year. As more comes for the title, we’ll be on it.