I was #8 in line to get the original iPhone, and haven't let the device leave my side since. To say that I'm addicted to my phone would be an understatement. We do everything together. I check my four email addresses, Twitter, and Facebook constantly on the phone, even when I'm sitting at my desk in front of a "real" computer. To say I love my iPhone would be a horrible understatement on my feelings. I love the interface, I love how it interacts with my computer…we're a match made in heaven.

Checking out the competition
Being a technology writer, I've been looking at Android for a while now. At CES this year I got pretty excited about the Motorola Atrix. It's a pretty slick-looking phone, 4G, and that thing it does where it docks with your TV/Computer/that laptop thing? Pretty fancy. If you look at my pictures from CES, a solid 25% of them are of the Atrix, signs for the Atrix, Motorola showing off the Atrix…I took a LOT of pictures.

It started out innocent enough…
So Wednesday, I headed down to my local Radio Shack and bought an Atrix. My very first Android device! I Family Planned the phone with my iPhone, so I still have both. The plan was to use the Atrix as a wireless hotspot (I bought the tethering plan) and to check out what all this Android hype was about, while keeping my iPhone as my main phone. The Atrix would sort of be like a tablet, a tablet that could provide my laptop with mobile internet and maybe occasionally receive phone calls…

"Taking a break" from my love My iPhone and I are on a break. Yesterday I switched the SIM cards in the two phones, making it so the Atrix is my main squeeze. For the next few weeks I'm going to try it out, get acquainted, and see whether overall I think it's worthy of ending my long-term relationship with my sweet sweet iPhone.

While I know a pretty decent amount about Android, this is going to be the first time I've used an Android device on a regular day-to-day basis (and I'll tell you I'm already failing pretty hard). I'll be writing about making the switch here, as well as polling you Android-lovers out there on things you think I need to try and tips you may have for improving my overall Android experience.

Have any of you gone from iPhone to Android? What tips do you have on making the leap? What was your biggest struggle? Anyone wanna take bets on how long it will take me to come crying back to my iPhone?

Interested in how the two compare? Check out Jon's video from yesterday comparing the Atrix and the iPhone 4.