"Cheating On My iPhone" is back for its second installment with a look at how my new Atrix treats me on our first night out on the town. Just tuning in?  Check out the first installment in the series to see how it all got started.

Jumping right in So, every phone relationship I've ever had has started out pretty much the same way. Rather than do the responsible thing and get to know my new partner in crime by reading the manual before I commit, I decide that it makes more sense for me to jump right into our relationship. My Atrix already has a picture of me on its homescreen, obviously things are getting pretty serious. Atrix and I went out for some beers to get to get to know each other a little better.

Being elusive My Atrix and I go out on our first date, and like most first dates, my new date is holding a few things back. While it was super easy to set up my email on my iPhone, with my Android I can't manage to figure out how to set up more than one email address on the phone. I know it's possible – but how? The phone didn't come with any sort of instruction book, so I would presume that the interface would be intuitive enough for me to figure it out pretty quickly – it isn't. MOTOBLUR has set up a widget for my Twitter account right on the homescreen (awesome), but I can't figure out how to see my @ replies or message people using it (which makes it pretty pointless). I ended up downloading the Twitter app (which is reasonably functional) for my tweeting needs, this email thing is going to make me have to talk to my friends about this issue (or my BFF Google), something I definitely don't want to do.

First Impressions I've never had to look up how to do anything with with my iPhone. I'm a pretty smart girl, I feel like I should be able to intuitively figure out how to do things like set up my email and send tweets without having to look up how to do so.

I think the Android interface is super-sexy. I love the notifications bar at the top of the screen, and I think I would be excited about the widgets if I could figure out how to actually use them. I'm gonna hit Google up this weekend and try to figure out how to use everything.

Undesireable feature? Alright Android folks, give me the dirt. A bunch of you commented on my first post that you thought the Atrix was "ruined with MOTOBLUR." Tell me what you mean by that? What part of the experience do you think is better on different phones? Anyone a MOTOBLUR  fan?