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Confession This weekend I went to visit my iPhone. It was only for a few hours in the afternoon, and just so I could listen to it for a few minutes. It had a few things to say to me, and I needed to listen to them…

All kidding aside, on Saturday afternoon I was forced to switch the SIM cards back in my two phones for a few minutes. Why? Someone had left me a voicemail.

I’ve had an iPhone since 2007. The oldest voicemail saved on my phone? 2/29/08 AND I’ve never listened to it. I’ll get around to it someday. Obviously, I have become very accustomed to visual voicemail, and picking and choosing what messages I listen to and when. To me, visual voicemail is just how voicemail works…until I try to listen to my voicemail on the Atrix.

As I’m sure all you Android users know (but some of you iOS owners don’t), visual voicemail is not a standard feature in Android. Yes, I know there are applications you can buy to add visual voicemail capabilities to your phone, but why the heck isn’t that functionality already built-in? To me, that seems like something that should just be a standard feature on all mobile phones. Period.

Unexpected surprise I’m not a huge fan of talking on the phone. Most of my friends know that and don’t call, making it possible for me to make it 4 days into using the Atrix before I realized we even had this issue.

When I hit the voicemail button my number was called, and a voice wanted me to delete my message from 2008. Delete? I’m keeping that bad boy forever! So, I hung up, switched the SIMs, and listened to my message.

Are there actually people out there who don’t like the functionality of visual voicemail? I’m interested to hear from people who have used visual voicemail and then have gone back to calling a number, and listening to each of their messages individually and deleting/skipping etc. I can’t wrap my mind around it. Why?

On a related note: I’m in the market for a visual voicemail application. Google pulled the most popular one, Visual Voicemail, out of the store last week for violating its payment processing rules. Anyone have some good suggestions for a replacement?

Update: I originally commented that I thought Google Voice would require me to port my number in order to use it. Google Voice does work as an awesome visual voicemail option on Android. I use, and am familiar with it on iOS devices, where it does not have the same functionality, and requires you to port your number in order to use it to make calls and receive voicemail from your traditional number. +1 in the Android column.