iPhone 6s and Plus Color Comparison Space Black Gold Rose-7

Still waiting for the rumored iPhone 6c? It turns out Apple could be planning to launch the device in the first half of 2016, according to one industry analyst.

A recent note to investors from Brean Capital analyst Ananda Baruah (via Business Insider) suggests the cheaper metal iPhone will arrive sometime this coming spring. That would break from Apple’s regular strategy of announcing new phones once per year in September. Then again, the company may be willing to make an exception for this alleged low-end device.

According to Baruah, Apple could take one of two different strategies with the new phone. He describes the device as  “either a smaller functional iPhone model or a skinny iPhone 6 sized phone.”

That first option lines up with earlier iPhone 6c rumors. The device is expected to pack a 4-inch display with a metal frame, along with Touch ID and NFC support for using Apple Pay. We’re not really sure what a “skinny” version of the already pretty thin iPhone 6 would look like.

Either way, it could be a while before the iPhone 6c actually arrives—assuming it ever does. Considering how well Apple is doing with its current lineup it’s possible we could be waiting a lot longer than Baruah thinks for this cheaper model.