Samsung Galaxy Note 3-S Pen-3

If you found Samsung's Galaxy Note 3 on the more expensive side, the Korean company still has the Galaxy Grand and Galaxy Mega as alternative phablet options. The only thing, though, is that neither of them comes with an S Pen, which is a huge benefit when dealing with such a large display. Samsung apparently understands your dilemma, and wants to address the pressing issue by releasing yet another phablet in the coming months, one that is essentially a watered-down Galaxy Note 3.

According to sources speaking with SamMobile, Samsung has plans to introduce a low-cost edition of the Note 3 sometime in February or March, with a debut set for Mobile World Congress. Earlier reports suggested the device could sport a screen size between 5.49 and 5.7 inches, but otherwise information on the device is rather light. Chances are the device will sport similar software, with a lower-resolution screen and mid-range specs. SamMobile suggests the device will come equipped with an 8-megapixel camera instead of 13-megapixels, and an LCD screen instead of Super AMOLED.

If a Galaxy Note 3 Lite does make an appearance early next year, Samsung will have an array of huge devices catering to the phablet crowd. It's unclear how different the device will be compared to the Note 3, and whether it'll bring anything new to the table, but it sure looks like Samsung is intent on getting its Note lineup into as many cargo pockets as possible.