Ah, summer.  The traditional time for families to pile into the Wagon Queen Family Truckster, and get out on the roads for a little quality time with one another. While certainly a tradition, one of the biggest pains these days is the price of gas one will encounter while cruising across the country. Luckily in this day and age there are numerous tools to help you find cheap gas prices along your way.

AAA Fuel Gauge Report

Run by the AAA Auto Club, the Fuel Gauge Report will break down the national average price for you and let you map out a trip based on stations or calculate what the potential total cost for your trip might be. (Web:  Free)


If you are looking for alternative gas such as biodiesel or an electric charging station, this site is a Google Maps mashup that will allow you to see what’s nearby, and you can see what prices they are charging for it.  There is no app, but it will look in a mobile browser.  Not the best solution when you’re out and about, but some help is better than none. (Web: Free)

Cheap Gas

This app just puts it all in the title as it’s all about helping you find the lowest gas prices in your area.  It doesn’t do much more than that, but do you need a whole lot of bells and whistles when you’re trying to find low cost fuel?  It can locate stations via your device’s GPS or you can enter an address or zip code if you want to see what’s further down the road. (Android: Free)

Fuel Finder

Fuel Finder

Fuel Finder is one of the more comprehensive apps out there in the number of features that it offers.  You can get directions, distance and estimated driving time to the desired station, see color coded prices so you can quickly see who has the cheapest prices, will contact roadside assistance for you in an emergency and a host of other features. (iPhone: paid)


Available both as a free and paid iPhone app ($.99), GasBook will allow you to sort gas stations by price, distance and brand, or even view all of the nearby stations on a Google Maps mashup.  You can also use the app as a fuel log so you can track your vehicle’s fuel efficiency and see just how much you really are spending on keeping your car running.   (iPhone: Free and paid versions)



Probably the best known of the cheap gas location tools, GasBuddy is a community reported site that has users recording all of the gas prices in a given area.  For each price you report, you are entered into a drawing for a $250 gas card given away weekly, so it might help out with your driving expenses to help others out.  The apps will let you see prices around you be either accessing the GPS or allowing you to enter an address or zip code. The site offers even more tools, but if you just need the lowest prices, the apps are exactly what you need. (AndroidiPhoneWeb: All free)

Local Gas Prices

The Local Gas Prices app allows you to set numerous parameters for your search such as distance, the number of stations to display and what fuel grades you’re interested in. (iPhone: Free)

What tools do you use to find cheap gas prices?

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