Even the hardest workers among us need a good distraction once and a while, and there's no better distraction than a good game that takes your mind off work and engages it with an entirely different realm. InnerSpace is the epitome of such a gaming experience, and it's yours for just $16.99.

This player-driven game lets you enter the mystical and wondrous world of the Ancients, as you act as an intrepid cartographer to an archaeologist who has unlocked the mysteries of a past realm. You'll soar through virgin skies, dive into lost oceans, and fly through unimaginable systems as you chart the unknown. Inspired by character-driven narratives, this increasingly popular game was successfully funded on Kickstarter and is captivating the minds of gamers across the globe.

Dive headfirst into a stunning alternate reality with InnerSpace—on sale for 15% off at just $16.99.