Bidding has been closed for the CharityBuzz auction that promised the highest bidder coffee with Apple CEO Tim Cook. The final price? $610,00, trumping the half million dollar figure at the end of April; initial estimates said the coffee date was worth at least $50,000. The bid was made just 30 minutes before closing; the winning bidder is currently unknown, but only made one, and only one, bid.

The proceeds from CharityBuzz's auction benefit the RFK Center for Justice and Human Rights. There have been 118 other auctions, and so far Cook's has been the highest. The high-profile auction was recently marred by credit card fraud, which CharityBuzz fixed by implementing bank qualification terms. In total, 86 bids were placed.

Once the unknown bidder does sit down with Cook (and one friend), they'll get 30-60 minutes to chat at Apple's Cupertino headquarters. Getting to speak to an influential CEO, one that runs one of the biggest company's on the planet, is sure worth a lot of dough. But people are obviously willing to part with large sums, and it's great that the money is being put to a good cause.