After getting home from a hectic day at the office, all you want to do is just put your feet up and not worry about plugging your phone into the wall charger. The Takiso Walnut Qi Charger is a refreshing way to charge your smartphone that avoids the hassle of wires. Plus, it’s aesthetically pleasing design will help you relax and forget your troubles. Get one yourself while they are 30% off.

With the growing popularity of Qi wireless charging technology, most new smartphones have built-in Qi compatibility. The latest models of Apple iPhones and Samsung Androids will allow you to charge your smartphones completely free from wires. The Takiso Walnut Qi Charger is especially impressive with its North American walnut wood design.

One very helpful feature of the Takiso Walnut Qi Charger is its ability to prevent overcharging your mobile devices. This is much better for long-term battery life on your smartphones.

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