Charging cables can be annoying to deal with. They get tangled, frayed, and sometimes can barely carry a charge. Wireless charging stands, on the other hand, are sturdy and avoid all the problems of traditional cables. That's why the TechnoBuffalo Deals Store is offering the Fast Charging Qi Wireless Charging Stand now for just $28.98.

The Fast Charging Qi Wireless Charging Stand is the perfect charging stand for all Qi-compatible Samsung devices. It delivers a charge 50% faster than other chargers, while touting a compact, portable design – making more convenient than having to wrap up your charging cable before stowing it away. An LED halo also indicates the charging status of your smartphone, so you'll know exactly how much battery you have left when you grab your phone and head out the door.

The Fast Charging Qi Wireless Charging Stand is a $69.99 value, but TechnoBuffalo readers have access to a special 58% off deal, so you can get an excellent charging solution for just $28.98.