Have you seen Batman v Superman? Many people were surprised to see a version of Batman who had no qualms with gunning down groups of baddies, so you probably shouldn’t be surprised to hear that Robin, who we already know met his untimely demise, wasn’t too afraid to do a little murdering either.

Spotted by Digital Spy in the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Tech Manual book, it looks like the sidekick didn’t wield a quarterstaff like he normally has throughout history. Instead, the manual shows that he used a freakin’ axe. You can kind of see it in one of the gallery images in the post.

I mean, we don’t know with 100 percent certainty that Robin used it to skewer his enemies, but why else would he have such a dangerous weapon (probably a Halberd, which was used during the 14th and 15th centuries)?

Here’s what the image’s text says:

Robin’s desecrated suit stands as a reminder for Batman of just what’s at stake when he fails to get the better of the criminals he spends his life trying to bring to justice. This idea also fed through into Robin’s weapon. Originally designed and constructed as a complete item, as filming drew closer the director decided to feature it as a broken artifact instead. “That was Zack saying, ‘Look, maybe we should just make it look as if it’s been broken and smashed,’ says props master Doug Harlocker. ‘So we deconstructed it in order to film it.’

Damn, Snyder’s DC cinematic universe is brutal.

The manual reveals a lot of other cool facts, such as the different Batman logos that were considered, along with the cool tech under the Dark Knight’s mask. Oh, and Batman’s suit has brass knuckles built into the gloves. If he’s not gunning you down, he’s giving you a gnarly concussion.