One of our biggest gripes about Google's mobile platform is the bloated manufacturer-produced skins that often weigh it down. This has prompted many Android enthusiasts to opt for a stock Android experience by installing custom ROMs or buying purebred Galaxy Nexus devices. Looking to remedy this dilemma, Kickstarter-famed Chameleon has announced that its highly anticipated beta will be made available in August to customers who pre-ordered the software.

If you're not exactly sure what Chameleon is, then allow us to refresh your memory. Chameleon is an Android tablet-centric launcher that allows users to completely customize their home screen based off of time and location throughout the day. For example, you can set social network accounts to occupy your home screen in the morning, and then have things shift to business news feeds and emails as you arrive to the office.

If you're a visual learner and would like to see Chameleon in action, check out a video of it running on a Nexus 7 above.

[via: Droid-Life, Kickstarter]