The 2013 Consumer Electronics Show hasn't even officially started yet, we're still in the middle of press day. But that doesn't mean we haven't had a chance to attend a fair share of press conferences, including NVIDIA, LG, Sharp and, most recently, Panasonic. So what's new? What's going on? What kinds of trends are we starting to see already?

More than ever, we see that the goal in 2013 is for TV and phone makers to begin allowing devices to interact with one another more closely and more efficiently than ever. NVIDIA plans to do so with its new Project Shield gaming system, which will allow gamers to seamlessly play video games, whether they are PC or Android-based, right on their big screen HDTVs. It's not all about gaming, though.

LG introduced its new "Smart Touch" technology, which uses NFC to allow you to control your TV from your iOS or Android smartphone. It's taking the idea a step further, however, by also allowing consumers to interact with washing machines, vacuums, refrigerators and other home appliances using the same NFC technology. Tap your phone to your TV, and you suddenly have control of the content, right on your phone.

Panasonic introduced a similar technology, called Swipe and Share 2.0. Using it, you can quickly send photos to your television from a tablet or smartphone, with a simple swipe gesture, and then edit them or share them directly from your Pansonic-branded smart TV. It's incredible, although we do wonder how often consumers will actually take advantage of the option. When you're finished, you can also swipe back to your Android or iOS device.

These are just a few examples that we've seen so far, and we imagine that Samsung will follow with similar technology during its press conference later on Tuesday afternoon. We can't wait to see how this continues to evolve in the future.