CES 2019 has kicked off in Las Vegas, where companies are showing off the latest gadgets set to come out later this year. Some really cool stuff has been announced, including an insane (and insanely expensive) soundbar from Sennheiser and a new smart doorbell from Ring.

In an effort to cut through the noise of this year’s show, we’re building a more curated list of the best, wildest, and weirdest gadgets that have been unveiled. We’ll continue to update this list as the week goes on, so consider it live until the show wraps up later this week.

Own a MacBook Pro? This is the cable you want

Belkin’s new USB-C to Lightning cable is Apple-approved and ready to provide fast charging to your new iPhone. The cable comes in three options: 4 feet, 6 feet, and 10 feet, giving you plenty of options to choose from. Previously, only Apple offered a USB-C to Lightning cable. Hopefully, Belkin’s new cable opens the door for other certified cables to come out later this year. [Belkin]

This Samsung monitor is a minimalist masterpiece

Announced ahead of CES, Samsung’s new Space Monitor is every minimalist’s dream. Thanks to an adjustable built-in arm mount, the Space Monitor can be raised and lowered at will, giving you valuable desk space for other important things, like documents and accessories. The monitor is also flat, so it can easily sit against a wall and out of the way. Once you see it in action, you’ll wonder why such an innovative design wasn’t created sooner. [Samsung]

Acer’s new gaming laptop sweeps aside your puny desktop

Acer is doing away with convention by introducing the Predator Triton 900, a fantastic beast of a 2-in-1 convertible that will sweep aside your puny desktop. Equipped with an “Ezel Aero Hinge,” 17-inch 4K IPS display (with NVIDIA G-Sync), Intel’s hexacore Gen Core i7 processor, Nvidia RTX 2080 GPU, and up to 32GB of DDR4 memory, the Predator Triton is truly a special feat of engineering. But it doesn’t come cheap, with a starting price of $3,999. [Acer]

Razer’s unveils gorgeous 27-inch gaming monitor

Razer has built a reputation for creating laptops, peripherals, and even smartphones. Now, the company is getting into monitors, with the 27-inch Raptor. The monitor features an HDMI, Display Port, USB-C, and USB-A, which sit behind a CNC-machined aluminum base. The screen itself features a resolution of 2560 x 1440, a 144Hz refresh rate, and between a 1ms and 7ms response rate, plus support for AMD’s FreeSync tech. The Razer Raptor will be available later this year for $699. [Razer]

This LG TV can roll up like a yoga mat

LG has made a TV that can roll into its base when not in use, as though you’re rolling a yoga mat. I’m not sure why you would want to pretend you don’t have a TV when it’s not in use, but the concept sure is neat. With a 65-inch OLED display, 4K resolution, AirPlay 2, and Dolby Atmos support, LG’s rollable TV is surely one of the weirder (but cooler) announcements at CES. [LG]

This smart home gadget transforms your front door’s peephole

Ring, the company behind your neighbor’s smart home doorbell, has introduced the Ring Door View Cam, a wire-free device that turns your peephole into a security device. Simply replace the Ring Door View Cam with your existing peephole and you can easily see who is at your door, whether it be an intruder or friendly neighbor. With support for 1080p HD video, a rechargeable battery, and night vision, the Ring Door View Cam makes for a nice alternative to Ring’s original doorbell. [Ring]

This adorable smart clock belongs on your nightstand

Last year, Lenovo introduced its first Smart Display running Google Assistant. This year, the company has unveiled a tiny Smart Clock that makes a great argument for sitting on your nightstand. Equipped with a 4-inch display, the Lenovo Smart Clock features dynamic alarm suggestions, auto-adjusting screen brightness for a gentle morning wake-up, and integration with your existing suite of smart home devices. [Read more]

Google’s new Interpreter Mode is the future of communication

Years ago, we dreamed of a world in which technology could translate language in real-time. Thanks to Google’s new Interpreter Mode, that dream has become a reality. The new technology is capable of translating 27 different languages, making it much easier for people to communicate while traveling around the world. Google says it envision this technology being available at big hotels around the world, where you’ll be able to talk to the concierge even if you don’t speak the same language. [Read more]

This wild tablet also doubles as an Echo Show

Lenovo has introduced a new tablet that, when docked, essentially acts like an Echo Show. It’s one of the more ingenious products we’ve seen at this year’s show, because it gives your Android tablet a job when you’re not using it. When docked, the tablet can display photos, play music, and perform any function Alexa has been programmed to do. [Read more]

Nissan Leaf Plus finally outruns range anxiety

Good news: Nissan has unveiled a new Leaf, which the automaker says gets an estimated range of 226 miles per charge. Finally, one of the earliest pioneers of the EV movement is breaking out from the confines of range anxiety, which many people consider to hover around 200 miles. The 2019 Lead features a 160kW motor, 62kWh battery, and a starting price of around $36,000. Expect the Leaf Plus to launch this spring. [Nissan]

This piece of wood connects to the internet

No, this isn’t a joke. Mui brought a piece of wood to CES that is capable of connecting to the internet. Once connected, it will show you the weather, date, and you can also control things like your home temperature and lightning. It’s essentially a minimalist take on the smart displays that have cropped up over the past several months. Just, you know, it’s a block of wood. [mui]