The week of the Consumer Electronics Show held in Las Vegas is always hectic and confusing, but we've compiled a list of TechnoBuffalo's top headlines to help you make sense of it all.

1. Vizio's Foray into the Mobile Market

Vizio, a popular television manufacturer, announced that they were going to begin producing Android-based tablets and phones. In order to maintain a sense of continuity with its line of VIA televisions, the mobile handsets will feature an OS with a custom skin.

Vizio Unveils Android-based Smartphone and Tablet

2. GameStop's Future on the Internet

GameStop, the brick-and-mortar game retailer, has wanted to dive into the online industry for quite some time. Though it is primarily speculation at this point, they will launch a service in the near future that will be the Netflix for gaming. would this be a successful venture?

GameStop's Response to Digital Distribution

3. AT&T Unveils 4G Network

AT&T, one of the major US carriers, must now play catch-up with Verizon to create a 4G network. The clock is ticking, but is AT&T too late?

Live from the AT&T Event
AT&T 4G LTE Demo Shown on New HTC Device --> --> --> --> --> --> --> --> -->

4. LG Modernizes Your Home

LG announced a plethora of new devices that will modernize homes by creating an Internet-based infrastructure with its new line of appliances. Alongside this, the company detailed new television sets that will keep it competitive with 3D leader Samsung.

LG Focuses on Smart Technology
LG Makes Its Appliances a Whole Lot Smarter

5. Sony's Press Event

Though many techies were disappointed when Sony failed to announce its much-anticipated PlayStation Phone, the company still had a slew of new gizmos to show off, including a new phone called the Arc and the highly anticipated PlayStation 3 title Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception.

Sony Press Conference Live Blog
Sony Unveils the Xperia Arc
Sony Ericcson Xperia Arc Hands On --> --> --> --> --> --> --> --> -->
Highlights from the Sony Press Conference
Uncharted 3 Drake's Deception Trailer --> --> --> --> --> --> --> --> -->

6. RIM Shows Off the BlackBerry PlayBook

Sprint, another one of the leading US carriers, announced that it will be the first network that the much-hyped BlackBerry PlayBook will arrive on. TechnoBuffalo's own Jonathan Rettinger was also able to get some hands-on time with the gadget, which featured surprisingly amazing true multitasking.

Sprint Announces the BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet
RIM BlackBerry PlayBook Hands On --> --> --> --> --> --> --> --> -->

7. Motorola's Presence at CES

Recently-divided Motorola boasted some impressive new devices, the most notable being the Honeycomb-based XOOM, a 10.1-inch tablet with a dual core processor. The company also announced new cellphones, such as the Atrix and the Droid Bionic.

Meet the Motorola XOOM
Motorola XOOM Hands On --> --> --> --> --> --> --> --> -->
Droid Bionic Hands On --> --> --> --> --> --> --> --> -->
Motorola Atrix Hands On --> --> --> --> --> --> --> --> -->
Motorola Atrix Keyboard Dock Hands On --> --> --> --> --> --> --> --> -->
Motorola CLIQ 2 Hands On

8. Samsung's Bold Statements

Not only did Samsung announce its Galaxy Player, a gadget that will compete with the iPod, and their first LTE-enabled version of the Galaxy Tab, but they also made significant strides in updating their industry-leading line of 3D TVs.

Samsung Will Release iPod Competitor
Samsung Galaxy Player Hands On --> --> --> --> --> --> --> --> -->
Samsung Puts Its TVs on a Diet
Samsung Wants To Be All Over Your Home
Samsung First 4G LTE Enabled Galaxy Tab Announced
Samsung 4G LTE Phone for Verizon Wireless Demo --> --> --> --> --> --> --> --> -->

9. Honeycomb Hype

Honeycomb, the next-gen version of Google's Android OS targeted specifically for tablet devices, was shown off at CES, sparking questions as to whether or not it will be able to compete with Apple's iPad.

Android 3.0 Honeycomb Preview
Honeycomb v. iOS: A Developer's Perspective

10. The Verizon iPhone Odyssey

The much-anticipated CDMA-version of the iPhone was one of the biggest stories coming out of CES, yet there wasn't even an announcement. Follow this line of stories to get filled in on the drama:

Verizon Was Everywhere, But Yet No iPhone
Apple Prohibits Employees from Taking Vacation; Large Scale Launch Imminent
Verizon Announces a Press Event for Tuesday; iPhone?
Confirmed: Verizon Announcing iPhone on Tuesday
Will the iPhone Be Better on Verizon?
Will the iPhone Bring Verizon's Network to Its Knees
Will the Verizon iPhone Be LTE?
Report: Verizon Might Offer Unlimited Data for the iPhone
Apple Was the Biggest Name at CES

11. Verizon's Press Conference

Verizon announced a slew of 4G enabled devices and discussed the evolution of their LTE network, yet it was somewhat unsatisfying  considering all of the anticipation surrounding a CDMA iPhone.

Verizon LTE Device Event
Samsung Inspiration for Verizon

12. T-Mobile's Aspirations

T-Mobile is attempting to solidify its position as one of the strongest, fastest US carriers. Though they announced very few devices, the most notable being the Dell Streak 7, they did discuss their plans to double the speed of their network.

T-Mobile Plans to Double the Speed of its 4G Network
T-Mobile Announces Future Plans

13. Dell Makes a Splash

While very few were expecting Dell to do anything big, the company outdid itself, announcing a myriad of new devices that will help the company implement its expansion into three markets – gaming, entertainment, and mobile devices.

Dell Announces a Slew of New Gadgets
Dell Streak 7 Hands On

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