No mater what Verizon talked about, no matter how many events it sponsored, all anyone wanted to ask about is the mythical Verizon iPhone.  I’m actually feeling a bit of pity for them as I’m sure this had to get annoying.  It also had to annoy them that an unannounced product would cause them some issues, but at the same time they to be expecting it at least a little bit.

From talk of spreading their network to a slew of new devices, Verizon iPhone news was all anyone cared about.  We all know it’s coming, and soon, but yet this thing has become so much of an 800-lbs gorilla  in the room that you wonder how anything else about the company even matters any more.

Verizon iPhone news is all anyone seems to care about, and when the news broke that Apple wasn’t allowing its employees to take time off at the end of this month, it all reached a fever pitch here at CES.  Everyone was sure the company would announce it at their press conference, and … nothing, not a word.  Does anyone remember what else Verizon said at the event, or were they just all waiting for the magical words announcing the Apple device.

As you read this, there are two full days left of the show, perhaps we all owe it to Verizon to swing by their booth and fully catch what they did talk about while we were all distracted by rumors of the non-existent (thus far) “Verizon iPhone”.

All that being said, it really does look like it’s happening, just not quite yet.  We’ve all waited for this since 2007, a few more weeks won’t kill any of us.

UPDATE: I wrote this post late last night with plans to post it today.  And then we get the notice of this mysterious Verizon press event on Tuesday.  Gee, guess Verizon just didn’t want to totally blow apart CES?  That’s sweet of them.