Here are the first photos of Sony's Xperia Arc handset. It looks to be running Android 2.3 and we'll be getting more info soon. Stay tuned to this post for updates including a video.

Here's the system info screen.

And here is the side of the device.

Technical specifications of the phone include the following:

The phone measures 4.2-inches with a touch screen boasting over 16 million colors; that equates to around 854×480 pixels.  The exterior includes a microSD slot for multimedia, three physical buttons (controlling back, home and menu), a 2.5mm headset jack, allowing Sony to push this device as "the world's thinnest smartphone."  The phone sports Sony's Exmor R for mobile, allowing for "best-in-class low-light video and photo capture."  Stereo bluetooth is made available among other multimedia features including a digital media player, HD video recording as well as a 8.1MP camera for the previously mentioned Exmor R photo and video capturing.

Users will find a full WebKit browser, text and multimedia messaging, Microsoft Exchange support, Wi-Fi, USB mass-storage, 512MB of memory, assisted GPS, as well other Google Apps that come with Android.