The CES mania continues.  We are live from the Sony keynote, and will be updating this post in real time.  We’ve broken the new Arc phone, and judging by the 3D glasses on our seat, expect plenty of third dimension goodness.

4:48  Rock music is blaring.  We are all seated and waiting for the party.

4:52 And we are starting.  They asked us to put on our 3D glasses. ok.  This entire panel is 3D

4:57  They just flashed 3D home camcorders on the screen.  Is 3D finally becoming affordable?

4:58 Previews for the new Green Hornet movie.  What do you guys think, wan to see it?

5:00 Seth Rogen and Jay Chou, the stars of Green Hornet are out.  I hope the jokes in the movie are better than the ones they are busting out on stage.  Jay Chou is huge in Asia.

5:04 By March, more than 50 million homes will have internet connectivity on their TV’s via PS3 and other Sony products.  That’s  tremendous install base.   More than 60 million PSN registered accounts.

5:08 2011 “Will be the year 3D goes prosumer”  3G Bloggie camera coming.

5:09 Sony is launching their own 3D network called 3Net.  They also mentioned the new Spiderman and Men in Black movies being shot in 3D.  Also launching new professional 3D video cameras.

5:10  New 3D Sony Vaios coming soon.  They have really thrown their hat into the 3D ring.  They are trying to have every aspect of 3D covered, form generating their own content, to the cameras and computers.

5:13 Talking about plans for 2012.  Showed a personal 3D viewer, which amounts to a futuristic looking pair of glasses which is all you will need…they have a screen inside of them.  Also shown 3Dglassess free  portable Blu-Ray player rocking a 10″ display.  No release information for either of these.  Just prototypes.

5:15  Sony is launching a global ‘TV Redefined’ ad campaign based around Google TV.  It looks like GTV will be getting some 3D content, although that has not been confirmed…just speculation.

5:21  Phil Molyneux is on stage.  27 new Bravias coming, some will feature Gorilla glass.

5:26 Sony is fully committed to Google TV, and think the platform represents the future of televisions.  Do you agree?

5:27  Full Time Warner cable (including DVR and on demand) is coming to Sony televisions without a set-top box.  Now that’s impressive.  Announcing the new EX620, edge LED backlit, available next month. Will feature X-Reality Pro, which is chipset talk for impressive graphics and beautiful display. That’s a wrap!

5:30 New 55″ 3D LED backlit TV. New 3D Blu-Ray player BDP-S780 with DLNA WiFi,and  Skype built in for video conferencing.

5:33 3D Vaio laptop with active 3D glasses, and can convert 2D to 3D in real time.  2nd generation i series processor.  Reayil around $1700 and will be available soon.

5:37 3D Bloggie.  Glasses free LCD screen. Available this spring for about $250

5:35 New Sony Handycam camcorder that shoots in 3D with double image sensors, 10X zoom, and swiveling display.  Available this April for $1500.   Also launching 2D Handycams with projectors and will be available in March for $700.

5:40  Our internet connection seems a bit wonky.  New 3D cybershot camera.

5:41 and now it’s time for smartphones.  Meet the new Arc..granted we already got a few shots of this guy.  Uses Android 2.3, 4.2″ Reality Display with Bravia Engine.  Will start shipping in Q1.

5:49 We just got a 1st look at Uncharted 3, coming November 11, 2011.

5:52 New streaming music service  (Music unlimited is coming to North America in all connected devices in the next few months. It will let you sync your existing music library into the cloud…now that’s a cool new feature.