There have been many competitors to Apple’s iPod, but all of them have fallen by the wayside. The Microsoft Zune has somewhat held it’s own, but the iPod still holds over 70 percent market share for digital music players. The Apple handheld media player has owned the market to the point where the younger generation refers to all digital music players as an “iPod”.

This month Samsung will release a new digital media player that can play video, take photos, and connect to the Internet, a direct competitor to Apple’s touch screen devices, namely the iPod Touch. Samsung will 1010241227_samsung-galaxy-player-android-ipod-touch-2bill the new media device the “Galaxy Player” and will be powered by Google’s Android operating system. Like the iPod Touch, the Galaxy Player will have a front facing camera for video chats and upload photos over wireless networks.

It has been well documented how Apple perfected the iPod and then ventured into the cell phone business with the now infamous iPhone. Samsung has gone about things in the opposite manner, the company has sold more than eight million units of it’s popular Galaxy S handset since it debuted in June. Kim Chang Yeul, a Seoul-based analyst at Mirae Asset Securities Co. said, “It’s a natural extension of the product line-up, Apple put out the iPhone and iPad after promoting the iPod as a revolutionary MP3 player.”

The evolution of Samsung’s product like makes complete sense, and there is no doubt they will put out a quality product. The big question is, will Samsung will be able to put together an extraordinary advertising campaign to create a buzz around the “Galaxy Player” in order to gain market share.

Would you consider purchasing the Samsung Galaxy player instead of an iPod, Zune or any other digital music player? I want to know in the comments.