Today was certainly a hectic day in the world of technology to say the least. We've compiled a list of TechnoBuffalo's top headlines for today to help you make sense of it all.

1. AT&T's Press Event

With rumors flying around about AT&T losing its exclusivity agreement with Apple, AT&T executives knew one thing coming into CES – they had to make a big splash in the mobile world. They did that just earlier this morning by announcing the rollout of their own LTE network that will go head-to-head with Verizon's. Not only this, but they announced a myriad of new Android-powered devices – the Motorola ATRIX 4G, Samsung Infuse 4G, and HTC Inspire 4G.

Live From the AT&T Event
AT&T Announces a Slew of New Smartphones
AT&T 4G LTE Demo Shown on New HTC Device -->

2. Appliances at CES

Did you ever imagine that your kitchen appliances would be able to communicate with you, telling you that you were out of milk? Well, that is the exact technology that LG is implementing by introducing a slew of Wi-Fi ready appliances.

LG Makes Its Appliances a Whole Lot Smarter

3. NVIDIA's Announcement

NVIDIA unveiled a new Tegra chip that is specifically targeted for use on cellphones, the first being LG's Optimus 2X. It appears as if the implementation of these chips will cause the divide between smartphones and computers to become narrower, but at the same time opens up a whole new realm for developers to create robust and creative applications comparable to ones found on your personal computer.

NVIDIA Tegra Chip Powers Pair of New Phones

4. Announcement & Hands On: Sony Ericcson Xperia Arc

With all of the hype surrounding Sony's smartphones, it was expected that the electronics manufacturer was going to announce devices at the Consumer Electronics Show. The Arc is  Sony's crown jewel, boasting a 4.2-inch touchscreen that can display over 16 million colors contained in an extremely thin form-factor. The device will run on Google's Android OS, specifically Gingerbread. Pricing and carrier availability was not announced during today's event.

Sony Unveils the Xperia Arc
Sony Ericcson Xperia Arc Hands On -->

5. Sony's Press Conference

Though the much-anticipated PlayStation Phone was not mentioned during Sony's Press Event, the consumer electronics giant certainly showed their prowess in the Internet-based television industry, 3D television technology, and application of these technologies in affordable devices.

Sony Press Conference Live Blog
Highlights from the Sony Press Conference