9:00 We are still sitting, some classic rock is blaring.  Get ready to hear ‘Dual Core’ quite a bit.  Maybe some 4G info?

9:02 Announcer just came on, told us the party is starting shortly.

9:05 Lights went off music got louder. Please Welcome Ralph de La Vega to the stage.  “Delivering the 4G Experience ” is the topic.  Going to lay out the path to AT&T 4G

9:09 4G Rollout plans are most aggressive in the industry.  They are talking LTE, not HSPA +.  Going live by the middle of this year, full network by 2013.

9:11  Launching 20 new 4G devices, including Apple.  iPhone 5 to be LTE?  AT&T will be falling back to HSPA+ whenever LTE is not available.  That should make for constant fast connections.  (Disclaimer. Writing this using a Verizon 4G modem)

9:14  Motorola is coming on stage to show new phones.  Bringing the most powerful smartphone ever released.  The Android based Motorola Atrix.  Android 2.2 HTML 5 support, dual core processor.

9:16 Atrix. 1 GB of RAM. Dual core processor, 1900 maH batter.  4G LTE.

9:17  Motorola webtop application extends the desktop to your mobile.   It’s similar to the now defunct Palm Folio.  You put the Atrix into a dock, connect it to your laptop, and  your desktop OS becomes your mobile desktop…not sure what the use it.

9:21 Showing a commercial for the Atrix (I keep typing Matrix) with the webtop app.  The phone does look to be hot.  We are now living in a dual core world. Motorola claims this is a new paradigm in computing.

9:23 Ralph is back.

9:24  HTC is coming up now.  First device with the new HTC Sense. 4.3″ screen. Android 2.2 on board.  Phone is called the Inspire 4G.

9:26 New Sense will know if the phone is in your pocket or purse, and will stop ringing when you pull it out.  Also has ‘FastBoot’ which will wait for it…boot fast.

9:29 Inspire 4G will be the 1st US device to support htcsense.com which will offer a decent amount of customization options.

9:33 the new HTC sense will be able to located and remotely wipe your device, if you are forgetful and say leave it in a cab…which as I can say does happen.  Falling back to HSPA+ is fantastic, but by the time the carrier offers 4G LTE, how big will their footprint be?

9:36 Samsung is up now.  New 4G phone, the thinnest on AT&Ts lineup.  4.5″ screen (that’s not a typo), Android 2.2.  Waiting for the product name and more info.

9:38: Called the Infuse 3G and will use the next gen SUPER AMOLED display.  1.2 GHz Hummingbird processor, rear facing 8 MPX camera, and 1.3 MPX front facing.

9:42:  Now announcing 4G tablets coming from Moto, HSPA + Honeycomb, Tegra 2, 10″ display.  No pics though. First 4G tablet coming by summer.

9:45  Time to toot their own horns. Running through all their devices.  iPhone 4, Torch, Windows Phone 7.  Making a commitment to Android.

9:46  Launching more than 12 new Android devices this year.

9:48 Here is a recap of the 3 new LTE phones shown. No release dates were given for any other than ‘2011.’

Motorola ATRIX 4G 2.2 Android smartphone – The world’s most powerful smartphone with a 1GHz dual-core processor, high-res qHD display and breakthrough accessories that include a super-thin laptop dock for which ATRIX 4G is the “engine.”

HTC Inspire 4G – A 1GHz 2.2. Android smartphone with a 4.3 inch super LCD display, next-gen HTC Sense with cloud services, an 8-megapixel camera and HD video recorder.

Samsung Infuse 4G – The thinnest AT&T 2.2 Android device with a 1.2 GHz Hummingbird processor and the largest Super AMOLED Plus screen at 4.5 inches.

9:51 Talking about U-Verse.  They are allowing developers to create apps that will help connect the mobile device to the TV.  Using the smartphone as  a server of sort.  Will have DLNA support.

9:56  Covering new U-Verse UI.  Now is a good time go go on a pee break if you need.

10:00 Back from your pee?  Good.  They are making a strong push to get new developers on board to develop for U-Verse apps.  The Alpha Dev program opens today.  Collaborating with OpenFeint to make sure gamers on the network have the tools (SDK) to introduce social gaming into your apps.

10:03 AT&T is making a commitment to HTML5 and will make sure its new phones will have compatible browsers.   Want to eliminate fragmentation.  That smack sound you just heard was AT&T’s palm on Adobe’s face.

10:07  Launching a new developer portal for HTML 5 focused apps and features.  HERE.  Currently in beta.

10:10  AT&T CTO John Donovan is back on stage.  He sounds bored.  Talking about the HSPA+ overhaul.  Almost all existing network is now compatible and working.  This will be a great fallback for their LTE network.   Expect full LTE network done by 2013.  They are also the only network committed to HSPA+ and LTE.

10:15 New data centers in CA, TX, and Israel.  It’s Q & A time.

10:22 AT&T really seems to have made a commitment as a carrier to HTML5.  Android will continue to support Flash, but there will be a focus on cross platform HTML5 compatibility.

10:27  That’s a wrap all.