TechnoBuffalo’s own Jon Rettinger is reporting live from the CES floor and as he words it, “The CES mania continues… We’ve broken the new Arc phone, and judging by the 3D glasses on our seat, expect plenty of third dimension goodness.”

We aim to please you, the audience, so here’s a quick wrap and highlight article of the Sony Press Conference on Wednesday, January 5th from the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

The conference started off with the audience putting 3D glass on setting the mood for the majority of the show.

Many people started to question whether 3D was finally becoming affordable when Sony flashed 3D home camcorders on-screen.  Sony continued to mention that  this year “will be the year 3D goes prosumer.”

Sony is launching their own 3D network called 3Net.  They also mentioned the new Spiderman and Men in Black movies being shot in 3D.  Also launching new professional 3D video cameras.

Among other highlights include new 3D Sony Vaio computer devices.  Jon notes that they’ve really “thrown their hat into the 3D ring,” continuing by saying that “they are trying to have every aspect of 3D covered, form generating their own content, to the cameras and computers.”  New 55″ 3D LED backlit TV, New 3D Blu-Ray player BDP-S780 with DLNA WiFi, and  Skype built in for video conferencing.  Evidently, they’re really invested into this cause, hoping that it will work and catch on with consumers.

The Vaio with active 3D glasses will convert 2D into 3D in realtime and will retail around $1700.  No specific details on when.

Sony will be making available a new 3D “Bloggie”, their consumer handheld camcorder.  It will be glasses-free and will be ready for purchase this spring for around $250.

“Meet the new Arc… granted we already got a few shots of this guy.  Uses Android 2.3, 4.2″ Reality Display with Bravia Engine.  Will start shipping in Q1.”  For more details on this, check out our post here.

Lastly, a new streaming music service is coming.  Music unlimited is coming to North America in all connected devices in the next few months. It will let you sync your existing music library into the cloud.  This is something many tech pundits have been waiting for in the world of consumer tech and electronics.

What do you think of this press conference?  Were you underwhelmed, overwhelmed?  Leave your opinions below!