The popular custom Android homescreen application Themer was recently pulled from Google Play following a copyright complaint to Google from Apple. Thankfully, it's already back and is again available for download. Still, there was a slight hiccup yesterday that caused some concern, especially since it wasn't clear how long the app was going to be down for, so we dug into what went down and went right to the source: MyColorScreen's CEO Ashvin Dhingra.

Apparently Apple took issue with a theme called "Seven" that drew inspiration from iOS, and Google ultimately took it into its own hands to remove Themer from Google play until a fix was made. Technically, that shouldn't have happened and Google didn't really need to be involved. Instead, Themer could have pulled the theme in a matter of seconds, without Google having to get involved at all, Dhingra told TechnoBuffalo.

Dhingra said his company didn't need to make any changes to the application in order to get it back on Google Play. "We just removed the Seven theme as well as other themes we thought could potentially lead to a copyright complaint," he said, suggesting that the company is being more proactive to prevent this from happening again. "Since themes are stored on our server, adding and removing themes does not require an app update. It literally takes seconds to change the availability of themes on Themer. For this reason, the entire app should not have been pulled from Play for copyright complaints."

We asked Dhingra what his company can do to prevent this from happening in the future. "We hope that complaints come directly to us so that we can quickly resolve the issue instead of having the app taken down for a single theme," Dhingra said. "On our end, we will certainly be more diligent in assessing themes before they are made live on Themer." In other words: don't expect your Android theme to look anything like iOS again, or BlackBerry or Windows Phone, for that matter. Thankfully, that's also what makes Themer so great: there's a huge selection of great options to choose from anyway.