Reports suggest cellular models of the iPad mini and fourth generation iPad could launch in time for Thanksgiving. Multiple MacRumors forum members are reporting alleged delivery dates of Nov. 21 for the mini, while others are seeing projected deliveries for Nov. 20. For the most part it seems like a mixed bag; some dates are a day to two days before Thanksgiving for the mini, while the larger iPad isn't coming until Black Friday. One customer, however, after calling Apple, allegedly got their iPad shipping bumped all the way up to Nov. 16. So maybe all it takes is a friendly phone call?

Apple has largely been coy with specifics, only to give a mid-November timeframe for the cellular-capable devices. It doesn't seem like the company will break its silence anytime soon, and instead just allow models to quietly roll out. Either way, it looks like customers have just a few short weeks to wait until the cellular models hit. Have you received a shipping confirmation?

[via MacRumors]