Apple’s beefed up iPhone security considerable in the past few years to the point that even the FBI says it can’t hack into newer models. Now CNN reports that the firm that was able to hack into the San Bernardino’s iPhone 5c, Cellebrite, is also confident it can break into the iPhone 6.

Cellebrite recently learned of an iPhone 6 that Apple has refused to unlock. The device in question belongs to Leonardo Fabbretti, an Italian man who made headlines after Apple was unable to help him access photos and videos stored on his dead son’s iPhone 6. Cellebrite apparently reached out to Fabbretti after hearing the news of Apple’s unwillingness to help, and now Fabbretti says he’s feeling optimistic about his chances of recovering the memories still stored on his son’s phone.

“I just came back from their office in northern Italy,” Fabbretti told CNN. “The meeting went well. They were able to download the directories with the iPhone’s content, but there is still work to be done in order to access the files.”

If Cellebrite really can help crack this iPhone 6, it will be another blow to Apple’s promise of security, though admittedly for a pretty good cause. It may also mean that the FBI will have a partner that will allow it into newer devices.