The Witcher 3 (2)

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is going to be one incredibly excellent and violent game, there is no getting around that. What there is going to be a problem getting around is the Australian Ratings Board, which continues to ban games despite promising to change with a new ratings system.

Developer CD Projekt Red is not concerned with a potential scenario that might cause them to make changes to questionable content if denied an R18+ rating.

In an interview with, the company PR Specialist, Agnieszka Szostak, explained why the gaming rating system is secondary in the minds of their development process.

"We don't create the game with any specific rating in mind. We implement in it things we believe will create the best gaming experience. Whether those are meaningful choices, deep relationships between characters, sex scenes, bloody combat or curses.

If we think they are needed there to make the game world living, breathing and believable they will be there. Rating of the game is a secondary thing really."

Szostak believes that a new rating system could mean the game could go for sale unaltered in Australia. However, that is a decision that only time with tell for CDProjekt Red, and the development does not consider it to be a factor.

"If the game is good and gamers will enjoy it money will follow. Putting money, wide audience, ratings, sales charts on the first place is a wrong way of doing it."

The Australian Classification Board came under fire after refusing to give ratings to Saints Row IV and State of Decay even after the creation of a R18+ rating. Sexual Violence and Drug Usage were listed as the board's reasoning, who defended themselves saying that they've already allowed 17 other games through the system.

Of course, most would have been given the 15+ rating on the older system anyway.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is going to be a huge game for gamers, and the controversial content and rebellious attitude of the series give it the edge of a freedom fighter for the cause of censorship. However, I wonder if the game will be a big enough splash to challenge the ruling system.

Best let the dice fall where they may on this one and let Grand Theft Auto V handle that job.

The Wither 3: Wild Hunt is launching on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC next year.