As app and web developers continue to work to get their content ready for Apple’s iPad scheduled to launch next week, it looks like clues left behind from CBS’s website indicate they’re already on board to offer iPad viewable versions of their videos.

Discovered by The Other Mac Blog, CBS left behind video clips with strange names indicating they had planned to offer streaming video to iPad users.  Clicking the links still displayed the videos through a Flash player but further digging from 9to5Mac and MacRumors uncovered a different version of the site that could only be accessed through the iPad SDK Simulator seemingly without video playback.  9to5Mac has enabled select videos in the simulator by editing URL that the video is linked to.  Would-be iPad users are shown the option to play video full screen and through the site’s source code, shows references to HTML5 and WebKit protocols.


If networks follow suit and create iPad compatible video playback, perhaps there’d be less demand for a Hulu application that’s rumored to be coming.  Although videos may look strange in the iPad’s 4:3 aspect ratio, this looks to be a huge win for iPad buyers who are looking to use their device for television playback.

What do you think?  Will Hulu bring an app to the App Store or will TV networks take the initiative themselves?  Either way, we can expect to hear more after the device ships next week Saturday.

[Via 9to5Mac & MacRumors]