I was psyched about Cave Story+ on the Nintendo Switch, being able to play an updated version of the beloved game on the most advanced handheld console of all time… and then, all of a sudden, I wasn’t. The port, for all that it does right, forgot to add the classic pixlated graphics which made it popular in the first place.

Without the original pixelated graphics, the game looks like it was run through an emulator filter and doesn’t deserve to be called “definitive” by any stretch of the definition. You can’t have something claim to be definitive without a copy of the original that made it famous tucked away inside.

Luckily, Nicalis will be fixing this oversight soon with a free patch next month. The original graphics will be added to the package, no longer leaving it stuck in the new screen resolution with the newer graphics.

Of course, the original release of Cave Story is still free through the game’s original website, but it can’t be played portably as easily as this one can, which is a very attractive option in my eyes these days. I might consider dropping money on Cave Story… again… after this crucial update gets added.

Cave Story + is available now for the Nintendo Switch.