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In Memoriam: 8 Facts About America's First Female In Space, Sally Ride (1953–2012)

Adriana Lee

Zooming off into the black is the biggest dream for anyone who stared up at the stars, dreaming of leaving terra firma for the great unknown. And when Sally Ride did it in 1983 on board the space shuttle Challenger, she had gone where no other American female had gone before. As the first woman to ever go on a U.S. space mission — actually two, the second taking place in 1984 — she...

Skydiver to Freefall From 90 Thousand Feet, Hit speeds of Over 500 MPH (Updated)

Brandon Russell

On Tuesday, July 24, Austria's Felix Baumgartner will embark on a journey that could put him in Man of Steel territory. From 90 thousand feet above the Earth's surface, Baumgartner will willingly heave himself out of a balloon and travel back down to normalcy with the rest of us basement dwellers. If all goes according to plan, he'll reach a maximum speed of 509 mph in 30 seconds — but...

Scientists Use "Twisted Light" Wireless Vortex Beams To Carry 2.5Tb Data Per Second

Adriana Lee

Ever curse at pokey slow Wi-Fi speeds clogging your data throughput? Well those days might be numbered. Seems American and Israeli scientists have cracked a tough nugget, transmitting data at incredible speeds of up to 2.5 terabits — or the capacity of 66+ DVDs or seven Blu-ray movies — per second. This innovative approach uses twisted, vortex beams to create the lightning-fast wireless...