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Pioneer of Augmented Reality Claims Mickey D's Accosted Him, Fast Food Joint Denies It

Adriana Lee

It's unbelievable, what a tech genius has to go through these days just to get a chicken wrap: Professor Steve Mann said he and his family were at a McDonald's in Paris when employees accosted him, trying to rip his camera away from him before kicking him out. Problem was, the unit he was carrying was physically installed in his head. A University of Toronto professor of Electrical and...

This Is How A Tech Billionaire Rolls: Larry Ellison Buys an Entire Hawaiian Island

Adriana Lee

Larry Ellison is disgustingly wealthy. Co-founder and CEO of Oracle, he has billions at his disposal, and Forbes listed him as the fourth richest man in the world. You might think that a man with such an enormous fortune would be extravagant in his expenses… and you'd be right. Word came in recently that the billionaire has bought Lanai, Hawaii's sixth largest island. The 140.5 square...