Continuing with Konami's Castlevania month, the last and final game of the Game Boy Advance trilogy, Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow, has been confirmed for release on Oct. 16.

The release date coincides with its predecessor Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance's, meaning the two will once again be paired and put next to each other for comparison, just like in the rare double pack released on the Game Boy Advance.

It's not something Harmony of Dissonance should openly want, though. Aria of Sorrow is superior in nearly every sense. The graphics are better, the music is better, the action and character customization are better. I'd even say that main character, Soma Cruz, is far more likable than the forgettable Juste Belmont, and he and his team's motivations for raiding Dracula's castle are far more interesting.

Unless you want to put it next to Symphony of the Night, Aria of Sorrow is a real masterpiece from both the Game Boy Advance library and the overall Castlevania series, and it comes with the highest of recommendations from the Wii U's Virtual Console line-up.

The two games join Castlevania: Dracula X and Castlevania: Circle of the Moon, both which have already gone live this month on the service.