Update: Castle Crashers Remastered is out, but it looks like the discount isn’t up yet. The Behemoth knows, and they’re working on it. Here’s what they have on Twitter.

Wait to buy it, folks. It will become free for those who meet the requirements, the store likely needs to be updated.

Original Story: The Behemoth’s glorious Castle Crashers is getting a remaster this week. It’s dropping on the Xbox One, and it’s moving for $14.99.

This post serves as a PSA for those who already own the original Castle Crashers for the Xbox 360 and have an Xbox One. If you fit this category, you can get Castle Crashers Remastered for free starting Wednesday until September 20.

As long as you have an active Xbox Live Gold account with the original game in your purchase history, you’ll be able to get in on this deal.

Starting on September 21, Castle Crashers Remastered will sell for $5 if you own the original on the Xbox 360.

This one’s a no-brainer. Castle Crashers Remastered releases on September 9. Get in there and snag yourself a free upgrade, friend.