Castle Crashers

Better late than never, I suppose. Castle Crashers was first released back in 2008 as one of the original games for XBLA's Summer of Arcade campaigns and was very well received by gamers and critics alike. Ever since, more than a million fams have downloaded the popular beat 'em up through XBLA (or the PlayStation Network, after a release in 2010).

Here we are, four years later and Steam is finally getting a piece of that action. The Steam release was announced by Dan Paladin on The Behemoth's Official Forums, via poem. Game demand has been overwhelmingly strong, so The Behemoth will be more that happy to port the effort.

Of all the games to attempt a balance between old and new during this retro-revival fad gaming quickly needs to get out of its system, no game has hit the thin mark better than Castle Crashers. It seamlessly blends old school arcade beat 'em ups with all the RPG elements, exploration, and achievements crammed into modern day action games.

Plus, it's very accessible, and the easy controls make it a wonderful date game.

Pick it up on Steam in the near future if you don't already own an Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 copy. No announcement date has been given yet. Coding for The Behemoth's most recent game, Battleblock Theater, has also wrapped up, so keep an eye out for it on XBLA as well.

[via Destructoid]