If you love buying new technology your home is probably already full of Bluetooth gadgets. There are speakers, light bulbs, smart plugs and plenty of other products that connect directly to your smartphone over Bluetooth, but until now getting them all to work together has been easier said than done. Cassia Hub offers a clever solution by turning all those gadgets into a unified smart home system.

Cassia Hub boasts two key features. The first is an expanded Bluetooth range of 1,000 feet, which even works through walls and closed doors. The second is the ability to connect up to 22 Bluetooth gadgets at once and control them all from your smartphone using an app for Android or iOS.

The app is almost as impressive as the actual hub. It lets you organize the Bluetooth gadgets in your house by room, and turn on an entire room with a single tap. It also includes granular controls for changing the color of your smart light bulbs or managing a specific group of speakers.

The Cassia Hub also boasts a nice minimal design. It’s a small white column that connects to your internet over Wi-Fi or Ethernet, and the company says a future update will add 3G and 4G support so you can use it on the go. It even includes a USB port to load music straight onto the hub and play it with a connected speaker.

The Cassia Hub is available now to pre-order for $99.99 and ships within the next few months. The company is also offering a variety of its own Bluetooth products, including a speaker, a multi-color LED light and a smart plug, but assuming you already have your own all you need is the hub to get started.