g shock music recognition

Casio has been taking baby steps into the smartwatch market with its G-Shock lineup. The Bluetooth enabled watches already lets you glimpse incoming phone notifications and even control your music, but now the company is adding song recognition to its next device with support from SoundHound.

The upcoming GBA-400 will be able to analyze and identify whatever music you're listening to before displaying the song title on the watch's small digital display. Triggering the new feature is as simple as twisting a small switch on the device. There's also a G'MIX app for your iPhone or Android device, where we assume you'll get even more information as well as the option to buy it online.

The GBA-400 may not offer as many features as competing smartwatches, but it does boast a battery that could last as long as two years or at least a few months depending on how much use it gets. It also looks like an actual watch, packs a water-resistant design and comes in a variety of colors including red and blue or black with silver or gold details.

The new G-Shock model will hit the market on Sept. 19 and costs about $220. Casio announced the device on its Japanese website, but we assume the new watch will be available in the U.S. at some point as well.