iPhone Polycarbonate Slim Fit

casecrownojfrontThe slim fit case is a snap-on that case that is made of a polycarbonate material that feels soft but is highly durableand very lightweight.  The case has a matte finish that feels a bit rubbery and has a good grip to it.  It’s much less likely to slide out of your hand than the glossy finish on the iPhone.  I’m not sure how heat sensitive a material like this is, but I think this is exactly what should cover the back of the next gen iPhone.  The material really does feel perfect.

The case itself is very simplistic, it just snaps over the phone’s back and it’s there to stay.  In fact, it’s more than a struggle to remove it.  Snap-on cases aren’t necessarily designed for impact protection, but to keep your device as scratch-free as possible.  The case covers most of the iPhone, leaving the top and bottom plastic and bezel exposed.  There are also cutouts for your precious Apple logo and camera on the back.  The slot where the volume rocker sits makes casecrownojback it feel recessed, and sometimes takes some digging to press.  Because the bezel protector doesn’t wrap around the top and bottom, the screen can still be one-swipe cleaned using my shoulder.  The phone can also be placed screen down (*cringe*) since it rests on the side bezel covers.

If you’re looking for a case that doesn’t add bulk and aren’t looking for full drop impact protection, this case will certainly fit you well.  If you need a case that provides protection for drop impact, you may want to consider the slide fit.  The case fulfills its scratch-protection purpose and provides a grip and material that is superior to the iPhone’s.  For that reason, the CaseCrown Polycarbonate Slim Fit case is a definite recommendation.

The CaseCrown Slim Fit is available in a variety of colors for $9.21 + S&H.

iPhone Polycarbonate Slide Fit

casecrownpurpfrontLike the slim fit snap-on case, the slide fit case is made of the same durable polycarbonate material.  Unlike the slim fit, the slide fit case comes in two parts.  Together, they provide more protection and durability than the slim fit.  The slide fit seems designed to be a more heavy-duty case compared to the slim fit.

The phone slides up into the larger section, and the smaller slides on the bottom.  There is nothing holding the two together, but the inside is lined with a felt backing that provides plenty of resistance and a slight cushion.  Conveniently, the bottom can be removed if you use a dock for charging and syncing. Unlike casecrownpurpback the slim fit, every part of the chrome bezel is covered.  Only the camera is exposed on the phone’s back.  The top and bottom of the phone is now covered except for the speaker, microphone, dock connector, sleep/wake, and headphone jack.  The volume rocker is more accessible than the slim fit since the edges around it are tapered.

While the case does seem to add more bulk than the slim fit, it was designed to be a more rugged case with a bit more protection than its counterpart.  The slide fit provides protection for everything except the screen.  I’d expect the slide fit to take an impact better than the slim. Like the Slim Fit, the Slide Fit makes for a great case.

The CaseCrown Slide Fit is available in purple, black, red, and blue for $9.21 + S&H.

Check out CaseCrown for more information.