AT&T's network will power connected experiences from eight carmakers in the U.S., and those who drive cars that connect to the network will be treated to exclusive content, according to a new report.

You can expect things like extra levels in games your children might be playing on their smartphones or tablets in the back seat, or exclusive access to movies and TV shows, Reuters explained, citing comments made by AT&T's senior vice president of emerging devices Chris Penrose. The benefit to AT&T, of course, is that all of that extra streaming will require users to cough up cash for additional data used by the car.

"It's no different than being able to hook onto a Wi-Fi hotspot anywhere and get access to content you already subscribe to and get unique content that you could only get in the back of the vehicle," Penrose explained.

Penrose didn't name any specific content, but we hope it's better media than just some extra levels in Angry Birds.