We know RIM will unveil BlackBerry 10, all of its features and its latest smartphones on Jan. 30. We can’t wait for the event, especially after our in-depth preview with the operating system during CES. The good news? Carriers are starting to train for the launch, too, which means customer service representatives should know all of the ins-and-outs of the OS when consumers walk in with questions.

The news is compliments of CrackBerry, which obtained training slides for Canadian carrier Rogers. The site has the entire 37-page PowerPoint presentation embedded, which explains how the Web browser works, contact social network connections, multitasking and more. So who is BlackBerry 10 for? According tot he slides, it’s people “that do more so they have full lives,” “people who don’t just dream dreams, they make them happen,” “people that have a hunger,” “people who move quickly and effortlessly through life,” and “people who are constantly moving.” Sounds like a bunch of marketing mumbo jumbo to us!

Check out CrackBerry for the full presentation.