I played through the original Dishonored a few times when it released. I went through twice on my PC, going with a more violent route the second time. I played the game, though I didn't finish it, a third time on my Xbox 360.

I had no idea Carrie Fisher was in it.

Harvey Smith, co-creative director at Dishonored developer Arkan Studios, tweeted a bit to mark Fisher's recent passing with his own words.


Right, like I said, I had no idea.

We found a video of this in action for you

Apparently, her voice only appeared if you killed a specific character in the game. She'd make an announcement heard over the city of Dunwall's PA system. Here's some video of that. I found it through a random YouTube search. YouTuber newtrion has a whole clip where he goes about unlocking Fisher's voice. At 6:25 in the clip, you can hear Fisher speak.