If you're in a LTE coverage area, you're probably living the good life. Likely, it's a metropolitan area with multiple sources of high-speed connectivity — whether home cable/broadband, fiber or 4G cellular service. Many rural users, however, have long suffered through a black hole of Internet existence. Did you know that there are still people out there who use dial-up service? Horrors. Well, what do you expect in areas where cable lines aren't available, LTE is nonexistent, and the only other solution is extremely pricey, prone-to-outage satellite service?

Enter Carlson Wireless Technologies. The company, which is dedicated to providing service for rural customers in need of broadband, is innovating using something that the tech community has left for dead — TV white space. While some companies fight for spectrum, tower lease rights and other land usage, Carlson has moved into a space that has long been vacated after broadcasters ditched analog for digital broadcast in 2009.

These inactive TV white spaces can actually deliver high-speed Internet to regions that have no access to affordable Internet pipes. Carlson was granted a FCC Special Temporary Authority to explore its TV White Space broadband network in the real world. And so it hooked up with to bring connectivity to previously un-serviceable locations in El Dorado County.

The effort must be invaluable to residents and businesses in these areas of California's Gold Country. Last month, Carlson started shipping its RuralConnect broadband radio system, and hopefully, that's just the beginning. There are plenty of remote areas in the U.S. that are sick and tired of being digitally stranded.


White Space Arrives In Gold Country

The first commercial application of TV White-Space broadband offers residents of California's Gold Country a 'wealth' of opportunities.

ARCATA, Calif., April 18, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — The rugged landscape of California's Gold Country has been sought after for centuries, but its enchanting features have also obstructed 21st-Century Internet access. Newly-released technology is about to liberate these rural environs, as the nation's first independently-funded commercial-grade TV White Space (TVWS) broadband network is deployed in the area.

White-Spaces are unused TV channels, whose powerful signals can travel over rough, tree-laden terrain. This long-awaited broadband solution avails rural customers to all the benefits of today's Internet. Thanks to the pioneering efforts of an El Dorado County wireless Internet provider,, many Gold Country businesses and residents now have access to these previously unattainable resources.

Just ask the local entrepreneur who wants to efficiently monitor her store locations. "I'm finally able to keep tabs on my business from home," states Mrs. Edwards. "For twenty years we've had no decent Internet service were we live. Now we have superior remote access to our office computers, and can finally enjoy peace of mind while saving us many hours of driving."

"Over 59,000 residents in our rural service area have had little or no quality Internet access," explained CTO Ken Garnett, who began investigating White-Space technology several years ago. "When I discovered Carlson, their White-Space network equipment was a quantum leap ahead of all other contenders. This new product allows us to serve a large contingent of these people."

"Carlson specializes in rugged territory," noted Jim Carlson, CEO of the Arcata-based RF design firm. "Rural broadband has long been the focus of our efforts, and we knew as soon as the FCC set aside TVWS for broadband that this would be the preeminent solution for rural areas."

A brewery in the quaint town of Camino offers a prime example of TVWS advantages. "This is a very effective tool for my business," states David Coody, owner of the Jack Russell Brewery. "Video conferencing was smoother than satellite, and I'm not hamstrung by its limitations. I'd highly recommend this to other businesses in rural areas."

Carlson and formed an alliance and set out to tame the wild territory. Armed with an FCC-granted Special Temporary Authority to validate the efficacy of the product in real-world scenarios, the partners have commenced the world's first large-scale deployment of commercial TVWS products. The project comprises multiple transmission sites delivering broadband to several hundred heretofore un-serviceable subscribers in El Dorado County. The success of their project will help qualify the potential of TVWS and provide a hopeful outlook for millions of other rural Americans awaiting quality broadband.

Late last month Carlson began shipping its RuralConnect system to FCC authorized customers in fulfillment of pre-orders.

About Carlson

For more than a decade, Carlson has led the way in engineering high-speed wireless communication solutions for a broad spectrum of applications by using RF technology to deliver full voice and data connections, no matter how rugged the terrain. More than 20 million people in nearly 200 communities worldwide rely on Carlson radios for their public safety communications needs. Today, Carlson is considered a pioneer of the revolutionary new TV White Space broadband technology.

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