Dashboard cams are becoming an increasingly essential protection feature. From capturing accident footage to chronicling unexpected encounters, having video rolling inside your vehicle could save you loads of money or even protect you legally. With that in mind, pick up this Gypsy Wireless Night Vision Dash Cam now for only $30.95 — almost 75% off — thanks to the TechnoBuffalo Deals Store.

With the easy-to-install, easy-to-use Gypsy Cam, you'll have an ever-present eye ready to record anything that happens whenever you're on the road. You can capture video images in crystal clear HD 1080p resolution all day or even all night, thanks to the Gypsy's night vision capabilities.

You can watch your recordings in real time on the unit's built-in screen or transfer your files to your computer for long-term storage and safekeeping. Whether you want to gather happy road trip memories or be ready for a fender bender, the Gypsy offers peace of mind that you'll always have an accurate video record of anything that happens when you're behind the wheel.

It usually retails for $120, but you can get your own Gypsy Wireless Night Vision Dash Cam now at a massive savings — 74% off for a limited time— while this offer lasts.