Have you ever tried to finding the perfect color match for the specific shade of white that comprises your wall? No matter how hard you squint, all the different shades of white just look slightly different than the one you want. The Nix Mini Color Sensor will revolutionize the way you work with color by providing instant color matches.

All you have to do is scan any color critical surface and save it to your phone. The color will be matched to an existing database of over 31,000 brand name color paints. You’ll instantly have the exact shade and color that matches your needs. As a machine, the Nix Mini Color Sensor is just so much more precise than the human eye could ever be. This sensor is also extremely portable and is no bigger than a ping pong ball.

Give up guessing what shade of white your wall is and let the Nix Mini Color Sensor work its magic. At 30% off, you can get this sensor for just $69!