Now that we're just over a week away from its release, Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker is seeing some advertisement on TV.  Here we have a brand new TV commercial for the upcoming Wii U game.

Is it just me, or has Nintendo actually gotten more proactive about releasing these commercials than in the past. For a company so often criticized about lacking in advertisements it has done a lot recently.

I've actually been playing through Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker for review since late last week. While I really can't go into specifics just yet, the thing I've been enjoying most so far about the game is the variety of its levels. This could have been a straight romp through similarly themed dioramas over and over again. It's not, each level is unique, and there are more than 70 of them.

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker will sell for the Wii U on Dec. 5. It's launching at the price of $39.99, so it's just a touch more affordable than other banner releases this holiday. Are you looking to pick this one up?

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