Though we’ve received two trailers for Captain Marvel, there’s still some mystery lingering about the characters involved, specifically the Skrull. One of the popular theories leading up to the movie is that a major Marvel character that’s been around the MCU for a while is a Skrull and a new leak may have spoiled who that is.

Note: Possible spoilers ahead

A Reddit user posted an image of a toy of Nick Fury in Captain Marvel, but his eyes are oddly green. That just happens to be a dead giveaway for a Skrull passing off as a human or another race. Obviously this jumpstarted theories that Nick Fury is impersonated by a Skrull or will be at some point in the movie.

Nick Fury a Skrull? Marvel Legends figure has green eyes… from MarvelStudiosSpoilers

That or the manufacturing process for the toy was screwed up along the way and he ended up with weird green eyes.

We don’t have a concrete answer for which of those is the true explanation but we tend to side with the former. As we saw in the trailer for Captain Marvel, Skrull can impersonate just about anybody, including old ladies, so it wouldn’t be surprising if they impersonate Nick Fury.

Unfortunately, we won’t get confirmation on this interesting theory until Captain Marvel arrives in theaters on March 8.