Captain Marvel features a lovely cameo from Stan Lee, carrying on a beautiful tradition that begun with 2008's Iron Man. But even before his appearance in Captain Marvel, the film pays tribute to him in a touching way.

Stan Lee's Captain Marvel cameo explained

For the past ten years, the opening credits in every Marvel Studios film has shown images and footage of Marvel characters. In Captain Marvel, however, the scrawl has been redesigned to feature footage of Stan Lee's cameo appearances, from The Avengers to Black Panther.

When the Marvel Studios logo appears, the screen then fades to black with text that reads, "Thank you, Stan."

During my screening, the tribute prompted an audible reaction from the audience, followed by enthusiastic applause. It shows what kind of impact Lee has had on people, and it's a nice acknowledgement from Marvel without feeling cheesy or out of place.

It's unclear if Marvel will use the same redesigned opening credits in Avengers: Endgame. Considering Lee does has a confirmed cameo in the upcoming film, it's likely Marvel will pay tribute to him one last time.

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