Brie Larson, who won an Oscar for her turn as Joy in 2015's Room, is reportedly Marvel's top choice to play Captain Marvel. The project has been in pre-production purgatory for years now, but it finally sounds like Marvel is ready to get the ball rolling.

According to Variety, Larson has been approached by Marvel and is "leaning toward playing the part." Beyond that, it's unclear how advanced talks are or if anyone else is even being considered for the role. With a release not scheduled until 2019, we're expecting pieces to fall into place slowly over the coming years. However, there's a chance the character could appear in another Marvel movie before her solo turn.

Marvel previously promised that an actor and filmmaker would be cast by summer, and it looks like the studio is making good on that promise. If Larson is chosen for Captain Marvel, how quickly will she show up in the MCU? We'll find out soon enough. Once Tom Holland was cast as Spider-Man, Marvel couldn't wait to show the character off. Hopefully, Marvel will give Captain Marvel the same treatment.

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