When Captain Marvel rolls into theaters next year, it’s going to take place in the early 1990s. We’ve known that for a while but just in case you weren’t convinced, the Blockbusters Video store in the movie’s first trailer killed any doubt. As for what year exactly, we weren’t sure until Brie Larson released a new image that gives us a huge hint to the exact year Captain Marvel takes place.

In the image Brie Larson released on Twitter, we can see Captain Marvel in the same phone booth she briefly appears in the trailer where Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury surprises her. However, we get to see the other angle with the wall backdrop and we see the wall is covered in Rock the Vote and concert posters.

This is poignant for two reasons. The primary reason is to raise awareness for election day, that needs no explanation. The second reason is because it also confirms when Captain Marvel takes place by the dating of the posters. There’s also a date on one of the concert posters that helps pinpoint the time frame.

The date we see on one of the posters is for Thursday, August 29. That date happens twice in the 90s: 1991 and 1996. But considering the Rock the Vote movement took place in 1992, 1996 would be much too late, strongly suggesting Captain Marvel is taking place in 1991. There’s also the off chance it could be 1992 with the posters being up for a long time.

By itself the year doesn’t really mean much, but if you look deeper into the MCU history, a very important event takes place in 1991. That’s the year Winter Soldier is sent out on a hit job to kill Tony Stark’s parents. It could be an interesting way to tie Captain Marvel to the already established Avengers timeline.

That’s just fun speculation on our side. We’ll find out for sure the meaning of the year when Captain Marvel soars into theaters March 8, 2019.